Interesting Slogans I've Seen On T-Shirts And Bumper Stickers

Avoid The Rush, Hate Michigan Early
Happy Valley, A Drinking Town With A Football Problem
If You Can't Go To College, Go To Ohio State
If God Isn't A Penn State Fan, Then Why Is The Sky Blue And White?
Better To Have Tried And Failed At Penn State Than To Have Graduated From Ohio State
Pennsylvanian By Birth, Nittany Lion By The Grace Of God
S*** On Ohio State
It's Hard To Be Humble When You're A Nittany Lion
Have You Kicked Your Panther Today?
I Bleed Blue And White
I'll Be A Nittany Lion 'Till I Die
Damn Right I'm A Nittany Lion
Undefeated, Untied, Unrewarded
Penn State Football, So Good It Should Be Sold By The Bottle
If You're Not Wearing Blue And White, You're Not Playing Football
Penn State, The Lion Kings
Joe Knows Football
We Are ... Penn State
How About Them Nittany Lions?
You're Ugly And Your Mother Sends You To Ohio State
And On The 8th Day, God Created The Nittany Lions
Friends Don't Let Friends Go To Ohio State (Partnership For A Panther Free America)
Kick'n Butt Is Our Business ... And Business Is Good!

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