Humble abode

The quaint but modernized homebase for this exploit. Cottage 1 - Hair Dryers 0, and did I mention the hot water or laundry facilities?

Girls night out?

I think she is still free in this one.

Serious thinking.....

The bachelor considers his options....or his next order at the bar.

A Little Trivia

Hey they filmed the movie Moby Dick (no not the version with the captain of the Enterprise) at this spot, and I have the brochure to prove it.

You want me to eat what?

If it wasn't for the Guiness, I might have actually lost some weight!

Castles, castles, castles....

Okay this may not have been a castle but it was one heck of a walk to get there.

Castles, castles, castles....

This is about what we found when looking for castles....or was it that abbey?


You want me to do what? Oh no, not without a parachute.


Well you have to admit it is very green...


and side

She is crazy

Yeah, like I wanted to see the view from the edge......


Just a shot of Dublin. Mom's hands were still too shaky from driving to take too many pictures.

Dublin at Night

Now this is what it is all about! The Dublin nightlife.

Pops in Dublin

More real food......this isn't half bad after all.

Not the Clancy Brothers

Well this is not Carnegie Hall, but these guys were good, despite the 95 degree heat.

They spell it right!

Look very close and you will see the sign that states "Kavanagh Cabs", so what the heck where we doing driving all of the time.

The neverending drive

Somewhere in Cork or Mallo, Mallo or Cork.

I love Guiness

"Where is my refill!!!!!"

Pub Life

Now this is better than any bar in the states.

Pub Life

Yeah but getting served is not easy! Good thing they serve in pint glasses.

Band of Brothers

Oh no, not in this place, it is really scary if you know what I mean.

Good Old Pops

"I still refuse to fly!"

Alert - Big Foot spotting!

Oh no, it's just my brother escorting the ladies through the gardens at the reception.


They said their vows, did all that and then they signed on the dotted line.

He shoots, he scores....

Just kidding, lighten up.... And the mighty pen operated by the priest makes it official. Jim and Laurie and now married, at least in Ireland they are. Congratulations and best of luck.